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In today’s world of corporate downsizing, smaller margins, and focus on bottom lines, more people than ever are deciding to start their own businesses. Whether new to the entrepreneur experience or a seasoned veteran, Mike Hitchen Consulting specializes in providing tools and strategies to aid small businesses that want to grow and succeed in today’s ever changing marketplace. Office systemization, market strategies, and business development are just some of the many services available to help reach targets and projected growth.

The New Age Of Consulting
Enjoy the flexibility and confidentiality of internet consultancy – without compromise to the quality of service! Though based in Australia, MHC enjoys close business relationships with small businesses from all over the world. One of the many benefits to clients is “global knowledge and expertise” that will not only aid in day to day operations, but will also broaden the awareness of how small businesses can take advantage of global markets.

Clients may find the "laid back" approach of MHC a bit different than that of other consultants. This approach aids in the fostering of relationships and partnerships that are essential to the success of this consultancy. MHC strives not only to be “business driven” but “people driven”. It is not only the bottom line that is important, but also the ability to connect people and meet individual needs.

Small businesses face many obstacles. Add to this long hours, family obligations, anxiety and/or lack of direction and this often spells disaster for many businesses. As many as 10-15% of small businesses fail every year. MHC understands these obstacles and will work side by side with businesses to not only overcome these obstacles, but customize a program to enable businesses to run more effectively and meet the needs and increase their customer base.

Previous Clients
In addition to small business and "start up's," Training Managers and directors from Pioneer InternationalSalvation Army and St George Bank, have previously enjoyed and benefited from services such as our seminars and workshops.

Contact Mike Hitchen Proprietor.

Training Small Groups

Gone are the days when training involved putting a few chairs in a room to accommodate often and unwilling participants. Mike Hitchen Consulting has put together a series of articles to assist trainers assess training needs and present relevant, interesting courses.
Below is a brief overview of Training Need Analysis.

Once you have identified that a training need exists and you have identified a job description or competency standard for that particular job/role then you can carry out a Training Needs Analysis (TNA).

A TNA will help you identify the gaps between what the person can actually do and what they are required to do.

A TNA will help you design your training session to suit the needs of participants. Listed below are steps you will need to take to conduct a TNA.

1. Identify competencies that relate to specific jobs/roles.

2. Identify competencies held by individuals for specific jobs/roles.

3. Compare competencies currently held by individuals with those competencies required for the job/role.

4. Outline the training requirements in sufficient detail and in an appropriate format so that a training program can be prepared.

There are a number of ways that you can gather information for you TNA.* Organisational records.

* Observations.
* Interviews.
* Performance tests
* Questionnaire.

Selected Training articles
Complete List of Articles

We have moved!
Mike Hitchen Consulting has moved forward and a new website is now in operation. I have retained this website as it was the very first website I created and has sentimental value.

Please visit the brand new
Mike Hitchen Online
Mike Hitchen Consulting

Training Solutions

Mike Hitchen Consulting has also teamed up with Training Solutions to offer Management, Marketing and Training consultancy services as in-house programmes or through internet support.

We adopt a practical approach drawing on the expertise of people who have ˜been there" and encountered the issues that confront you.

We offer support on a wide range of business activities including:

  • Business Planning
  • Target Setting
  • Marketing Plans
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Training the Trainers
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Appraisal Systems
  • Mentoring and Coaching
  • Communication Systems

It may be of interest to your organisations that we offer clients a range of training and accreditation opportunities for staff wishing to achieve UK national qualifications.

In conjunction with UK awarding bodies, Training Solutions will develop training programmes for in-house delivery, or through internet support, which can lead to UK accreditation.

Accredited centre for UK national qualifications in the areas of:

  • Management
  • Training and Development
  • Human Resource Development
  • Administration
  • Customer Service
  • Investigation

Corporate E-mail Policy

Many companies have discovered too late how costly a lax attitude regarding corporate e-mail can be.  E-mail containing inappropriate content can have disastrous effects if forwarded to the wrong person.  In today’s work place e-mail misuse has become such a common problem that the word E-harassment has been coined to describe the issue that many companies must deal with in today’s wired world.

Do you have systems and safeguards in place to guard against anything being put into e-mail that you wouldn’t want read in court?

Mike Hitchen Consulting can help develop a safe, secure and consistent Corporate E-mail Policy.

Company Blog - The award winning "i On Global Trends"

For over five years, i On Global Trends has provided a diverse range of news - news often not found in mainstream media. The award winning blog of Mike Hitchen Consulting boasts visitors such US Government Departments, many US Universities, schools, NATO and numerous overseas government departments and leading organisations.

Over 16,000 articles and more than 500 topics!

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